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UM 880
Hasps and Rail


UM 883.1
Bending machine
450 x 450 mm


UM 884
Welding fixture I.

UM 885
Welding fixture II.


UM 883.2
Bending machine

630 x 550 mm


UM 887
Code marking apparatus

UM 887.1
Revolving head

UM 888
Hydraulic broach
UM 886
Pricker press incl. tools

UM 889
Hydraulic shear for final cutting

Cutting, lip cutting and Notching in one
Machine max 3 pt.

U.M.991 .0

Bending Masschine With foot-lever


Bending Machine with foot lever operation Type: U.M. 991.0

Due to the large accurately ground and hard chromated steel blase, the bending alwdys remains even.
The die-maker also has both hands free for the bending operation. The shapes are rigidly held in position and yet can easily be changed.
The solid supporting arm and good power transmission enable bending of rules from 0,4x 12 up to 50×1 05 mm. The bending machine is equipped with a vernier gage. An accuracy can be obtained within .0,5 mm.

Bending Machine with foot-lever operation Type: U:M: 992.0

The bending machine U.M. 992.0 has been constructed for the forming of high and thick steel
rules up to 100xl,5 mm..

Cutting, Lip Cutting and Notching in one Machine, Type: U.M. 994.0

The cutting machine has changeable knives and notching-tools, and it is very light to handle.
Max 3pt.
Technical Data
 U.M. 991.0U.M.992.0U.M. 994.0
Dimensions L x Bmm650 x 550600 x 1100280 x 180
Dimension with vernier gagemm650 x 13001100 x 1300180 x 650